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Adopt-a-School Foundation Essay Competition Winners 2017

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Essay Competition
Adopt-a-School Foundation runs an annual essay competition for all of the schools under its adoption programme. The competition aims to encourage learners to think creatively, express their views and opinions and share their personal experiences.

Foundation Phase Winner
Motshidisi Letsela
Grade 3b
Semomotela Primary School
Free State

My Favourite Season
My favourite season is summer. I like summer very much. In summer it’s hot and rainy, we play in the rain. There are lots of flowers and beautiful green gross. Sometimes my father builds us a tent so we can play. My mother makes us hot dogs and juice and we eat them on the grass. In summer there are lots of fruit and vegetables, fruits like water melon and melon.
My brother and I like to play in the rain, it’s so fun and we laugh a lot. We jump and have lots of fun. My mother said “In summer we don’t use electricity, because we don’t use heaters and electric blankets.” There are beautiful and colourful birds in summer. We don’t wear lots of clothes in summer because its hot. There are lots of shades in our yard in summer. I sit under the tree and eat ice cream with my brother. The cows have lots of calves in summer. The land looks beautiful and green. The animals always have green pastures during summer.
Every summer my brother and I visit our grandmother at the farm. My granny likes to shout, look out for the pigs. There is lots of milk and mealies at this time of the year. We love to visit her every summer because at night, we sit outside with her and she tells us a story. We listen to her until my brother falls asleep. In summer there is no need to wash yourself with warm water because the water from the tap is warm. Most people like summer because it is the most beautiful season where everybody wears shorts, sandals and caps to protect themselves from the sun.
People usually go to swimming pool and visits different places to have fun and enjoy summer. In summer there’s no danger of people burning in their homes. Many lives are saved from burning especially in summer.

I love summer so much. I wish it was summer all year long.


Intermediate Phase Winner
Tshegofatso Phele
Grade 5A
Boiteko Public School

My Hero
“Behind every great daughter is a truly amazing dad.” The person i am writing about is a loving father, hardworking man and a provider. He works at a garage, but he has achieved more because of his creative thinking. My dad loves his family very much. He teaches us how to work hard and save money.

He did not go to college but he has his taxi business and manages his money very well. He is still working at the garage and manages his small business at the same time. When I ask him to buy something for me he will ask me “if you save half price of what you want, I will meet you half way”. He always tries to find ways to make us happy and to use money wisely.

He is very strict when coming to the use of money, but at times he will spoil us, buy toys for me, phones for my brother and sister. He loves delicious foods a lot. He sometimes gives us money to go to the park and enjoy ourselves, but during the year he will remind us to save so that when December comes we will have enough to spend as much as we want.

He has achieved so much. He has built a big house for his family and bought three cars, a taxi, a corsa and avanza. He still wants to achieve more. When he talks to my mother you can hear that he has big plans to grow his business. He has given someone a job so that a man can also work for his family.

I learn a lot from my father every day. When you work hard to achieve your dreams anything is possible and you have to be persistent if you want something. He always tells me, my sister and brother that he works hard so that we can finish school and study until university. He said we must dream big and be prepared to work hard to achieve our dreams and desires. I am very proud of my father. Above all he is my hero.


Kegomoditswe Seleke
Grade 9
Lodirile secondary school

The experience of overcoming fear
Fear. It’s a four letter word that has the power to change a person life in a tremendous way. It has changed my life in a way that I have become wiser and more vigilant in everything I do.

While some people are afraid of spider, snakes, closed spaces and foreigners, I had an unusual fear and that was the fear of not fitting in. I was always worried about fitting in, being like everyone else, being liked and accepted in the modern society. I was constantly comparing myself with other people. In my eyes, I was never good enough. Every time I told myself that I’m at my best, something or someone in my head just told me to try harder. I would ask my mother for money to buy clothes even though I knew that she didn’t have it because she was not working at that time.

I had become a big pot of insecurity. Nothing I did was ever right, or at least that’s what I thought. I sometimes came up with excuses, when my friends wanted to go out with me because I felt like I’m not looking good enough or “what will people say when they see me wearing unfashionable clothes?”

The fuel to my undying fire of fear was media. There were some shows that I used to watch where they would show all the latest trends so in my mind. I was always like, “my wardrobe is full of out dated old fashioned clothes.”

My journey of overcoming that fear began when I was scrolling through the pictures on my phone and I came across a picture that was captioned, “Be you, do you, love you.” I literally stopped scrolling and looked at that picture for a very long time. That picture had only six words but it said a lot to me. I went to the local internet cafe and used my pocket money to have that picture printed out. I took the picture and put it in my bedside drawer and I would look at it every morning when, I woke up and every night before I went to sleep. In that way I would keep reminding myself of how much I wanted to overcome this fear.

The picture helped me in many ways. It helped me in terms of how I see life. I realised that I have to live for myself and nobody else. I started expressing myself through poetry. I write and recite poems whenever I feel uneasy or just when I feel the need to express myself.

Now I live for myself, I’m doing my own thing and I don’t worry about fitting in. After all, I was born to stand out.


FET Phase Winner
Nxangani Mpone Jeanette
Kgabareng secondary school

The Door
Very strong, rigid and firm. Some of them are well painted, new and attractive. While others are old and weak. Whether real or imaginary, they all do the same function. To open and to close.

Behind closed doors abuse is witnessed. People’s true feelings are revealed but the door cannot do anything with that. I remember one day behind the door, my parents were shouting at each other. The other one had found secrets and bad deeds of the other. During a heated argument, my father decided to open the door and closed it very harshly. The very same door had to listen to them quarrel and throw accusations that showed betrayal and total dishonesty. My father never got a chance to open the door he had closed.

After a while I heard somebody knocking like a policeman on duty. I had no choice but to open the door. I wish not to have opened it because of the news that came with opening it. One thing I heard from the long story was that my father is no more. I wanted to ask my mother but I could not because she was in extreme pain. The only thing that knew all the answers was the door but it could not speak. My father was indeed a great man surely the heavens doors will be opened for his soul. Unless the door knows something I do not know.

Every time I looked at the door knob I saw the top screw as the eyes, the handle as a nose and key hole as a mouth. It looked like a face that would tell me something, maybe why my parents were fighting that day. I got tired of waiting for it to tell me the truth. I decided to close some chapters and move on. I focused more on my studies and performed very well. The good results opened many doors for me. It came back and made sense, my father closed the door of his life but I opened many doors for me. It came back and made sense, my father closed the door of his life but I opened a door of success for myself.

In conclusion I would say, with each and every door you might come across, handle it with care. Remember to open or close it for the right reasons. One amazing object, the door!