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Back to school for a day


Just one day of collective action can have a huge, life-changing impact on pupils.

Through our Back to School for a Day programme we are inviting all individuals and corporates to go back to school for Mandela Day, to help enrich the lives of disadvantaged learners by sharing their time, skills and knowledge.

Since our initiative began in 2012, over 100 companies and 4 000 volunteers have taken part. More than 150 schools and tens of thousands of learners have benefited from a variety of activities and resources.

This year our main activity is a stationery drive. By signing up to support a school, you will be providing that school with resources it needs for day-to-day learning.

Our campaign does not stop there, however. In an effort to ensure that we take all corporate needs and limitations in to account, we will help facilitate any activity your company can contribute in the school that needs it the most.

Our event will run from 15 to 22 July, straddling Mandela Day on 18 July, allowing corporates to choose which day is most convenient. We request that should you want to uplift or build on any of the existing infrastructure, you do so on 15 July, before the end of the school holidays.

We welcome all activities, including painting, career guidance, vegetable garden creation and tending, debating workshops, teacher training, landscaping, reading to children, motivational talks and many others.

Not only has our Back to School for a Day initiative inspired hundreds of corporate volunteers to share their time, skills and material resources, but it has also proven the value of, and need for, active citizenship in addressing South Africa’s education challenges.

View our gallery of images of past events to get a feel for what we get up to >


This is an opportunity for you to organise a corporate volunteer event that can engage your whole company in the ethos of giving back and investing their time to make a difference in education.


Some of our Back to School for a Day voices:


“This Back to School for a Day is extremely important for our children – as they are now aware of the people supporting them, and they are motivated and can learn that it is important to care for others. They so appreciate their new books and reading makes them happy. They want to be lawyers and accountants like the people from Lafarge”

– Beauty Mosiakutla, educator, Matlaba Primary School, Bodibe  

“We want to be a part of the action, not just a faceless company that is doing social responsibility. We hope that learners from this school can benefit from our knowledge and hopefully work for us one day.”

– Jono Arter, Financial Director, Digistics