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Adopt a School

Individuals, groups of individuals, a company, or groups of companies can fund a specific project or projects in one or more schools.

The Adopt-a-School Foundation not only impacts on the lives and development of the learners in adopted schools but also on the quality of education and the sustainability of the school for generations to come. We aim to spend a minimum of five years in an adopted school and to foster a caring relationship between the Foundation, the funder, the school and the community to create a sustainable and meaningful impact in the schools and communities in which we work.

The adoption process involves a number of key elements:

  • For a school to be eligible for adoption, we require demonstrable evidence of the acute needs of the school. We then ascertain the willingness on the part of the school governing body, educators, parents and learners to participate actively and accept responsibility for the project.
  • The Foundation will conduct a high level due diligence and comprehensive needs analysis at the identified school and present a project proposal to the funder. An adoption agreement is entered into between the school, the adopter/s and the Foundation.
  • The Foundation is committed to using local small businesses during the infrastructure phases of the project and to empowering the local community by creating temporary job opportunities.
  • The Foundation coordinates and monitors different services offered by best practice NGOs to ensure school development objectives are met. The Foundation assists the school community to gain access to government services such as social grants, feeding schemes and Home Affairs services.

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