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  1. Pledge your birthday or any special occasion

    Celebrate and pledge your birthday to the Adopt-a-School Foundation! Ask your loved ones to make a donation, instead of gifts this year. By starting a campaign with us to celebrate your special milestone, you can help us improve education for thousands of young and hopeful learners.


  2. Go on an adventure

    Tackling your bucket list by going on an adventure can be made even more meaningful by supporting Adopt-a-School Foundation. Embarking on an adventure such as climbing a mountain, rafting down rapids and cycling cross country for a cause can greatly contribute to the work of the Foundation. Add a little extra inspiration to your adventure!


  3. Lend a hand

    Many of our projects could use an eager volunteer from time to time.
    From either helping with existing projects or identifying your own projects in our schools, the impact that you can make is tremendous. To lend us a hand, get in touch and we can advise on how you can get involved in some of South Africa’s neediest schools.


  4. Group projects

    Getting a bunch of your friends, family or colleagues together to either host an event as a group, contribute towards a salary campaign or go an adventure together can be fun and meaningful. Do you know any folks that are keen to lend a hand or raise funds for a school project? Get in touch!

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