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Voices from our classrooms

“I don’t want to wait for tomorrow to do my work because tomorrow may never come, my dreams and my future are my responsibility”

– Grade 9 learner, Vingerkraal Secondary School, Limpopo


“I know life is nothing but a cycle of choices. My choices will be the judge for my dreams and future. Being a successful advocate starts today.  Decisions I take today will reflect on my bright future. I am not yet in charge of the country but I am in charge of me”

– Grade 11 learner, Pace Commercial Secondary School, Gauteng

“My wish is to help the HIV/AIDS orphans. When I have fulfilled my dream of being famous and have a lot of money, I will build an orphanage in my area where there are a lot of orphans. I know that they also have dreams and I will help them to fulfil their dreams and prove that even if they are orphans, they have talents too and tomorrow they can be something. South Africa, here I come, watch me, I am a dreamer!”

– Grade 7 learner Enlovini Primary School, KZN


“After a while we started seeing movement of workers renovating classrooms, replacing broken windows and doors, it was like I was dreaming. The most important thing is our new fence. I know all the other work is important, but the fence protects our school. Adopt-a-School means a lot to me. I now have a clean and safe school.

– Grade 6 learner, Rhenosterkloof Primary School, Limpopo


“My granny helps me with my homework and my aunt teaches me how to read and count.  I never go to bed without visiting my books.”

– Grade 3 learner, Molekane Primary School, North West.


“My current goal is to graduate from high school with high grades and learn as much as I can to prepare myself for college. My intentions on becoming a doct0r are rooted in that I want to help many people in my country.”

– Grade 7 learner, Bodibe Middle School, North West.


“Gone are the days where people would claim poverty for not achieving anything in life.  When we have organisations like Adopt-a-School, the sky is the limit.  Learners can achieve a lot in life with their support provided they work hard to obtain good results.  Good results attract sponsors.  The Back to School for a Day helped learners to be exposed to different career choices.  It maps a way forward for learners as they mingle with professional people for a day so that they can have a realistic vision”

– HOD Languages, Emadwaleni High School, Gauteng