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Whole School Development

Whole School Development is a mechanism to improve the academic, infrastructural, social and security environments in schools. It aims to ensure that schools have the necessary management and community leadership to support an environment conducive to excellence in teaching and learning in every school in which the Foundation works.

Our model looks at incrementally addressing a myriad of issues over a long period.

In schools where WSD is implemented there is team work among different stakeholders, management is able to manage curricula and resources, and educators are capable and confident to teach in their areas. Learners’ attitudes to mathematics and science have changed. As a result, the number of learners enrolling for mathematics versus mathematics literacy has increased. There is improvement in mathematics and science, overall matric and Annual National Assessment results. Learners are motivated to study, form clubs and undertake peer-to-peer coaching. Libraries and science laboratories that have been established are well managed and effectively used. The school buildings and surroundings are clean and well maintained.

Download our full Whole School Development Model here.