Employee Giving Donation Campaign

An employee giving campaign is a charitable donation by a corporation that matches an employee’s donation to an eligible non-profit organization, most often rand for rand.

A is an admirable way to increase employee engagement and donations while multiplying the positive impact on your community and elevating your company’s reputation. As employees donate to an elected charity, your company can match their contributions creating a win-win-win.

How does it work:

  • An employee will elect to have a minimum amount deducted from their salary either monthly or as a once off during a campaign.
  • The organisation will then collate the total for the month donated by the employees and match their donation rand for rand and in doing so doubling the amount raised by the organisation.
  • The organisation then advises the Foundation of the total amount, which is invoiced to the organisation for them to deposit the funds into the Foundations bank account.
  • This process can be done monthly or as a once off during a fundraising campaign within the organisation to support the Foundation.

An Employee Giving form will have to be submitted to HR to process in order to have permission to deduct the donation.

All organisations that participate through the employee giving campaign will be acknowledge on the AAS social media pages, website and the quarterly newsletter.