Employee Giving Virtual Fundraisers

Employee Giving Virtual Fundraisers:

Ensure all fundraising virtual events have a GivenGain link for all funds to go directly to the Adopt-a-School Foundation fundraising account.

How to start setting up a virtual fundraiser for your organisation:

Choose a virtual fundraising event that suits your organisation

  • Decide on a target to reach for your organisation
  • Decide on a date and time for the fundraising event
  • Create an invitation; include the hashtag, your social media page names, Adopt-a-School social media pages and include the GivenGain link
  • Then setup all necessary logistics for the fundraiser
  • Start sharing the invitation with all the links and Go Live on the day
  • Share your pictures with Adopt-a-School Foundation

How to amplify on Social media: Comms

  • Follow all Adopt-a-School Foundation Social Media pages
  • Share your online fundraising project by tagging the Foundation
  • Use the hashtag created for the campaign and tag the Foundation
  • Share posts from the AAS social media pages.