Back to School for a Day 2019

Our 2019 initiative will be launched soon. See below details for 2018 successful initiative carried out at Tshilidzi Primary School.

Back to School for a Day is inspired by the notion that anybody can make a difference through donating their time, knowledge, skills and resources. These simple acts can play a positive role in the basic education of our youth.

Just one day of collective action can have a huge, life-changing impact on pupils.

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Back to School for a Day on Mandela Day 2018

Through our Back to School for a Day initiative, Adopt-a-School Foundation invites individuals and corporates to go back to school for Mandela Day in a collaborative and collective way that is meaningful and will live long after 18 July.

All volunteer activities revolve around the Foundation’s holistic Whole School Development model and will include: light infrastructure renovations, curricular and co-curricula activities, social welfare programmes and leadership development initiatives.

Back to School for a day proves the value of, and need for, active citizenship in addressing South Africa’s education challenges.

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“This is an opportunity for you to organise a corporate volunteer event that can engage your whole company in the ethos of giving back and investing their time to make a difference in education.”

- Jono Arter, Financial Director, Digistics