Back to School for a Day 2019

Back to School for a Day is inspired by the notion that anybody can make a difference through donating their time, knowledge, skills and resources. These simple acts can play a positive role in the basic education of our youth.

Just one day of collective action can have a huge, life-changing impact on pupils.

Through our Back to School for a Day initiative, Adopt-a-School Foundation invited individuals and corporates to go back to school for Mandela Day in a collaborative and collective way that is meaningful and will live long after 18 July.

This Mandela Day we called on corporates and individual to help us renovate an Early Childhood Development Centre at Olifantsvlei Primary School, as an enduring legacy of what is achievable through collaboration.

Corporates pledged a minimum of R40 000.00 to be part of this initiative. The pledge included CEO of each corporate partner to attend briefing ceremony at the beneficiary school on Mandela Day. In addition to this, each corporate invited volunteers from their staff to engage in a range of hands-on activities for the sustainable betterment of the school. All volunteer activities revolved around the Foundation’s holistic Whole School Development model and  included: light infrastructure renovations, curricular and co-curricula activities, social welfare programmes and leadership development initiatives.

Back to School for a day proves the value of, and need for, active citizenship in addressing South Africa’s education challenges.

“This is an opportunity for you to organise a corporate volunteer event that can engage your whole company in the ethos of giving back and investing their time to make a difference in education.”

- Jono Arter, Financial Director, Digistics

Back to School for a Day 2019