Internal Online Silent Auction

Employees would be requested to donate their pre-loved items that can be auctioned internally to raise funds towards the learner support packs.

The auction will be open to everyone to bid within the company. Employees can also choose to open it up to the families and friends to raise more funds by sharing a digital brochure developed by the organisation.

How will it work:

  • The organisation will collect pre-loved items from employees they have donated
  • A target to be set in order to measure progress
  • A picture of each item will be uploaded on to the company’s website or a digital brochure designed with a price list that can be circulated or loaded onto the intranet
  • A small registration fee can be charged as a sign of goodwill (optional)
  • An internal auctioneer to be appointed that will receive all bids and keep track of the items and the cash raised (final purchases can be made through the Foundation’s snapscan or GivenGain account if the organisation is not comfortable with handling the finances)
  • Won bids can be announced at the end of each day with an update of the amount raised to measure against the set target, length of auction will be determined by the number of items and interest shown
  • The final raised amount to be announced to the organisation and will be put up on AAS’s social media pages and website as well announced on the monthly and quarterly newsletter