Social Hour

This will be a virtual themed social hour for employees to connect and catch up while fundraising for Adopt-a-School Foundation’s campaign.

These social hour sessions can take any format, it is up to the organisation to decide what they will look like and are not limited to examples below:

  • Cooking
  • Fitness
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Virtual 30 Seconds
  • Cocktail mixology and many others

The idea is to have a fun hour session of engagement while reinforcing the fundraising element of the event.

How will it work:

  • An hour session in the afternoon on a Friday, on any of the virtual meeting rooms the organisation is comfortable with (Zoom, Google meet, MS Teams, etc)
  • The employees will be required to RSVP and donate any amount or the value of a night out through the GivenGain link created
  • The organisation is encouraged to match the funds raised by the employees through the matching gift campaign
  • The session can be led by a host to guide the process

How to setup the meeting:

  • Open the communications video app of choice
  • Create a meeting request with details of the event
  • Include the GivenGain link
  • Send to all and wait for the day of event
  • Encourage colleagues to RSVP and donate

The organisation can choose to make it even more interesting by inviting an awesome speaker to engage with the employees as form of team building or personal development (it could be your CEO that does the engagement session).