Virtual Race

These races can be in the form of running or cycling. Employees can form teams that will participate in a virtual race with other members to raise funds towards the campaign.

How will it work:

  • A few challenges can be created to suit the different type of runners/cyclist on Apps that the participants choose to use such as Strava or Nike Running App, etc, which are compatible for IOS and Android devices.
  • Teams will register on the App to take up the challenge that suits their fitness level
  • Teams will be required to pay a small fee to register as part of the fundraiser
  • The teams are to set a target and use our GivenGain account to start raising funds with their friends, family by asking them to donate a certain amount of money for every KM completed or a once off amount.
  • The organisation to match all the money raised from the teams.


How to set up the challenge:

  • Download a running APP, the Nike Run app allows for friends to invite each other and setup a running challenge that will show the on the leader board

Step 1: Create profile on the App

Step 2: Go to Challenges

Step 3: Create a Challenge

Step 4: Pick a distance or make it 6,7 kilometres as part of the 67 minutes for Mandela day, select dates and add friends/colleagues

Step 5: Start the challenge

This can be done on most of the running Apps